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My Story

Get to Know Me a Bit Better

My name is Fabrizio Marini and I am passionate about all things Nutrition. As a qualified Nutritional Therapist my aim is to help people get and stay on the right track with their nutrition.

Working out of Jane Carroll Therapies clinic in Barntown, Co. Wexford, my aim is to help you strive to a better you through diet, lifestyle and supplement protocols.

I offer a full dietary analysis where we look at, in detail, the many different systems in the body. From this starting point we outline YOUR health concerns and goals and based on how quickly or slowly you want to make the changes, we devise a new eating plan. I would like to stress this is not a “diet”, it is a new way of thinking about food. Whatever your goal, we will work to it. I will devise an eating plan that you can actually see yourself stick to and I will help you with alternative foods and recipes.

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